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From December 17, 2023 to February 18, 2024, twelve makers showed their work in the first major exhibition, both inside the shipbuilding shed and outside the NDSM shipyard. (Un) monumenting was a group exhibition with new and existing monumental works by twelve (inter) national artists. In various media, the creators claim space for alternative “monuments” or address the question of what a monument can be and for whom or what a monument is being erected.

In (Un) monument Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord wanted to question the idea of 'a monument' and a monumental place like NDSM. What can a monumental place like this mean for the future? (Un) monumenting comes from a programme line by the NDSM-werf Foundation about the contemporary position of monuments and specifically what this means in a place like NDSM; a location where monumental heritage, creativity, events and creators come together.

For NDSM, the discussion about the role and significance of contemporary memorials is important. Many neighbors see NDSM as holy ground: a place that has defined their history and will continue to do so because of the history of shipbuilding that took place here. It is mainly the former shipyard itself that is considered a monument. It is now a cultural site, a place where art, heritage and events come together. More information about the specific works in this exhibition can be found on the location page from (Un) monumenting.

Participating artists: Maarten Baas, Elsemarijn Bruys, Koos Busters, Selby Gildemacher, Clinton Kabena, Krijn de Koning, Bas Kosters, Sharon Lockhart, Hira Nabi, Oscar Peters, Selma Selman and Bart Eysink Smeets.

(Un) monumenting was a free exhibition with a pay-as-you-can policy. Indeed, it is thanks to the support of funds, partners, and visitors that we can culturally program the NDSM wharf on a non-profit basis. Do you want and can you contribute to art and culture in this special place? Then donate via this link, thanks!

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Visuals still: Gert Jan van Rooij Video: Thorgal Westra