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Ik wil meer weten over de historische scheepsbouwwerf?

Meer informatie op deze site via OVER / Geschiedenis. Voor een meer volledige uitleg over deze geschiedenis ga naar

At NDSM, we treat each other with respect

Everyone is welcome at NDSM and we want everyone to feel at home and free to be who they are. That is why we expect an open-minded attitude from all our visitors.

I want to live on NDSM

In recent years, several residential projects have been developed and completed at the NDSM-wharf (west), such as the Pontkade and the Binnendok. Are you curious about the opportunities for living and/or doing business at the west side of the NDSM shipyard? Then check out the Leven Op NDSM website (link)

Where can I park?

Since December 2023, visitors to the NDSM shipyard have been able to park in the new parking garage: Parking NDSM. The entrance to the car park is at Mt. Lincolnweg on the side of the BinnenDok building. The parking garage has 525 spaces. The garage is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. APCOA is the manager of the car park. This charges a rate of €2.50 per hour for short-term parking. Long-term parking costs a maximum of €17.50 per 24 hours. At the NDSM shipyard, you currently pay €1.60 per hour for street parking, where permitted, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Language No Problem

Are you looking for programs where language is no problem? Or you don't speak Dutch? No Problem! All our ART works can be viewed and are provided with both Dutch and English texts.

Is NDSM wheelchair/scooter accessible?

NDSM is a rough and open outdoor area where bicycles and cars also ride and the surface is not necessarily wheelchair-friendly. But it is certainly not impossible and there is plenty of space on site to get out quietly. Most works of art/buildings/organizations/restaurants are located on the ground floor and are therefore accessible with a wheelchair. If you still hesitate to come with a wheelchair. Please contact the NDSM-werf Foundation by mail

Support the culture program at NDSM

NDSM is free of charge with a pay-as-you-can policy for the extraordinary works of art at the shipyard. It is thanks to the support of funds, partners, and visitors that we are able to culturally program the NDSM wharf on a non-profit basis. Do you want to contribute to art and culture in this special place? Then donate via this link, thank you so much!

What are the opening hours?

NDSM can be visited 24/7 throughout the year. Opening hours of organizations and restaurants can be found on the relevant websites.

Do I need a ticket to visit NDSM?

NDSM is free of charge. An admission ticket is only required for events that are organized at the outdoor shipyard. More information about this under the WERF/Events button.

Parking places

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