NDSM X Open Call winners Catarina Garcia and Jim Du Pan

February 28, 2024

Luister naar de eerste aflevering van de Podcast NDSM X seizoen 5

"We are going to have to let go and let the plants decide how this work will grow"

In this first episode of the new season, we talk to NDSM artists Catarina Garcia Rabanada and Jim Du Pan: winners of the NDSM Open Call 2023, who are realising their work 'Under Pressure' at the shipyard with the famous half crane as a base. A work of art about the cycles of transformation of the NDSM shipyard, an area that has moments of crisis and destruction but also stages of revival and redevelopment. With the title, the creators refer to the growing housing and area development in expanding areas such as NDSM, which puts valuable places like this under pressure. Listen and learn everything about this work and its creators.

Credits and references

Presented by Petra Heck en Ewa Scheifes


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