NDSM X ontwerper en kunstenaar Siba Sahabi

February 28, 2024

Listen to the new episode of the NDSM X podcast, this time with designer and artist Siba Sahabi.

“I wanted to discuss the location of NDSM in combination with the issue: how do we deal with the sea level?”

In this episode of the NDSM X podcast, you'll hear all about the new work on site: Pavlopetri. This golden installation with an integrated soundscape is inspired by the Greek city of the same name, which rests four meters on the seabed. Creators Siba Sahabi and Rutger Zuydervelt invite visitors to think about rising sea levels due to climate change: what if Amsterdam will soon be underwater? With shape, color, light and sound, Pavlopetri gives you an idea of what that world looks, feels and sounds like.

In this episode, Siba Sahabi tells us everything about this work and her creative process, in the context of NDSM. Note: this podcast episode is spoken in Dutch.

Credits and references

Presented by Petra Heck and Ewa Scheifes, production by Eric's House at NDSM, visuals by Robin van Dijk


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