Landed rock

Landed rock

Clinton Kabena


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About this artwork

It looks like this car landed with a big crash. The installation Landed Rock (landed rock) by designer and visual artist Clinton Kabena is about migration. In 2022, more than 100 million people worldwide were fleeing war and violence. They usually settle in an environment far away from home that is unknown and new to them. Kabena is fascinated by this crash in a different culture. In addition to the crashed car, the three NDSM Billboards feature visuals that respond to the topic of “borders”.

About his work, Clinton says that with these artworks, he challenges the viewer to think about the fantastic nature of borders, constructed as they are from the collective imagination of societies. The confrontation of the grandeur of these monumental structures with the fragile threads of unity that they try to maintain invites introspection. These works transcend the political and dive into the psychological realm where nations are woven from dreams and aspirations.

About the artist

In his work, Clinton Kabena uses vehicles as a central theme, as literal and figurative vehicles that transport these stories. They are the link between driver, passenger and route, and show how mobility and the human desire for change are always linked.

My work focuses on the transformative nature of travel, in particular African migration, and the resilience of the individuals who undertake them. Through my art, I look at the social networks created by these trips and the profound impact they have on individuals, families, and communities. In my work, I use vehicles as a central theme because they are the literal and figurative vehicles that transport these stories. They are the link between the driver, the passenger and the route and symbolize the connections between mobility and the human desire for change.

The installation is part of Refresh Amsterdam #2: War & Conflict. The second part of this installation (another car) is on display at the Amsterdam Museum. This work is also the first part of the exhibition (Un) monumenting, which will be shown at the NDSM shipyard and in the NDSM Loods from December 17, 2023 to February 18, 2024.

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