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General questions about the NDSM-werf Oost (visitors to, visitors to the wharf, tenants, suppliers, etc.).

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For information about the management of both the indoor and outdoor site, for users, people renting on the site and organisers of events (parking, clean-up, litter, greenery, paving, lighting and security).

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To submit content and good ideas as well as questions about the website for the editorial team of

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For information about NDSM and its activities.

NDSM Loods
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For information on the availability of spaces for celebrations, photo shoots, video recording and the studios located in the NDSM Loods, contact Stichting Kinetisch Noord.

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For information about living (rental and purchase) at NDSM, contact the NDSM living team.

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Do you have the ambition to set up a business at NDSM? Are you looking for space for a catering, retail, commercial or other business? Contact us to learn about the opportunities.

[email protected] or questions concerning the development (of the area) as a whole. BMB Ontwikkeling is the assigned developer for the NDSM-werf on behalf of Amsterdam Waterfront B.V. and Mediawharf B.V.

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