Treehouse in augustus 2022


Workshop: Sketchbook Techniques

Learn how to make your own sketchbook using mixed media techniques. Rose Wildsmith will show you how this versatile skill can be adapted to your own style. Materials will be supplied, but feel free to bring your favorite papers if you wish to include them in your sketchbook. At the end you get to take your sketchbook home with you!

Date: August 4th

Times & Location: 14-18h at Treehouse NDSM

Costs: €59,- (all materials included)

Contacts: For more information visit Rose’s website: or get your tickets here:


Workshop: Learn The Craft of Collage


As a visual artist, Helga will guide you through the creation process of making collages. She will help you with your ideation and determination of form, composition, proportions and technique, taking you on a journey of discovery in the creation of your own beautiful collage.

*During this workshop you can choose to do the ‘Explore The World of Clay’ workshop as well.

Date: Every Mon & Tue of August

Times & Location: 14-16h30 at Treehouse NDSM

Contacts: For more information you can contact Helga by email: [email protected]

Workshop: Explore The World of Clay


In this workshop you will model a statue under expert guidance of visual artist Helga van Stralen. She will not only support with developing the idea, but also with the techniques needed to make an abstract or figurative statue.

*During this workshop you can choose to do the ‘Learn The Craft of Collage’ workshop as well.

Date: Every Mon & Tue of August

Times & Location: 14-16h30 at Treehouse NDSM

Contacts: For more information you can contact Helga by email: [email protected]

Performance installation: Show Pony


Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse is a commentary on our current world and a view on the end of time. It is an invitation for comfort and intimacy. This immersive audio visual sound installation invites the audience to reflect in the space question how they think about endings. In the space the audience is welcome to interact with the ceramic wind chimes and feel their effect on the work. On both days there is an intimate one hour performance of poppy, synth infused songs of Show Pony and No Compliments with a strings ensemble.

Date: 12 August & 13 August

Times & Location: From 16-23h on August 12th & from 12-18h on August 13th at Treehouse NDSM

Contacts: Buy your tickets and reserve your spot for the performances here:

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art Event


The Amsterdam Body Paint art event is back! This year’s theme is Flower Power & Soul, so be prepared for a colourful day with some 60s vibes. If you want to participate as a painter or as a model, the tickets include free drinks, lunch, free paint, live music, a boat tour in Amsterdam canals, professional photography and, of course, lots of fun!

Date: 14 of August

Times & Location: 12-19h at Treehouse NDSM

Contacts: Get your tickets here –>

Introduction To Handpan


On August 21st, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of handpan and discover the many joys of this practice during a full day workshop. Just between 10:30am and 3:30pm that day, you will learn your first rhythm and song. Towards the end of the day there will be a jam session, playing together and giving every aspirant musician the chance to improvise with the handpan.

Joris and Deniz will close the workshop with a concert using multiple instruments. When the workshop ends you can take one of the instruments home and practice for 10 more days and discover the beauty of playing handpan.

Date: 21st of August

Times & Location: 10h30-16h at Treehouse NDSM

Contacts: More information about the various workshops and lessons, as well as online registration on the Handpan Studio website –>

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