The NDSM Nursery Square | By Studio Makkink & Bey

The NDSM Nursery Square consists of the following elements:

Drawing Room at NDSM Nursery Square
[The pencil of the architect touches the paper]

 The flexible layout of the square and the increasing amount of furniture and objects enable different scenarios of use. A periodic ‘architect-in-residence’ responds to the ongoing festivals and events in the NDSM neighbourhood by suggesting new scenarios for next year’s events on the square and nearby areas.

Green House at NDSM Nursery Square
[ Furniture maker almost hits his thumb ]

The Green House is a storage facility for the public furniture, plants and trees used throughout the different seasons as well as a workshop space and public garden.

Open at The NDSM Nursery Square
[ Nervous newlyweds keep staring at the grey square tiles on the pavement ]

 The NDSM Nursery Square is a project for public use and welcomes neighbouring organisations, companies and people to make use of the open platform and seating opportunities. For longer-term collaborations or to join the programme feel free to contact

Picnic at NDSM Nursery Square
[ French guy pulls a bread out of a container turned oven (excited voice): “The harvesting festival is officially opened!” ]

The square hosts occasional food trucks and welcomes people to have their lunch outside.

Residency at The NDSM Nursery Square
[ The graduate artist looks over the square and puts on blue boots ]

 The Residency at The NDSM Nursery Square aims to implement the thinking and work of a young generation of artists, designers and architects in the public space of the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam Noord. Every season a guest is invited to develop new site-specific work.

Stories at The NDSM Nursery Square
[ Slowly turning a page ]

 Scheduled film screenings and book readings take place at The NDSM Nursery Square.


Monday 16 September 08:30-09:00 and 17:30-18:00, Friday 20 September 08:30-09:00 and 17:30-18:00. Commute-A-Long ||| by artist Halla Einarsdóttir and artist Smári Runar Róbertsson


Monday 23 September 08:30-09:00 and 17:30-18:00, Friday 27 September 08:30-09:00 and 17:30-18:00.

Commute-A-Long ||| by musical singer Esmee MardjanMusical singer confidently points her index finger to the ferry boat (high pitched voice): “there goes the baker with his tray, like always.”

Humming away the school and work day, the Commute-A-Long is the inaugural event of The NDSM Nursery Square and takes place throughout September: the back to school season. A sing-a-long commute intervenes in the social pattern of travelling from home to school or work and back again. Contributing a melody to the daily manoeuvres at the ferry boat platform on the NDSM Wharf. Pavements and sidewalks nearby the ferry boats at NDSM Wharf are repurposed as stages for vocal interventions. The Commute-A-Long is a reoccurring series of performances on Mondays and Fridays every week of the month in September. A total of four sets of morning and afternoon sessions (30 minutes each) are performed by various artist and singers.

Thursday 26 September 14:04CARPENTER || almost hits his thumb

Saturday 28 September 12:07 || The artist puts a bread loaf into a container turned oven (excited voice with a French accent): “The harvesting season is officially opened!”

Op zaterdag 28 September wordt The NDSM Nursery Square officieel voor het publiek geopend. Kom kijken naar de eerste laag van het plein en ontmoet het team achter deze Amsterdamse openlucht projectruimte.

Om 13.00 vindt de officiële lancering plaats van het The NDSM Nursery Square  op NDSM-plein 1. Met een performance van de eerste artist-in-residence Antoine Guay, een welkomstwoord door de nieuwe directeur van Stichting NDSM-werf Tim Vermeulen en een introductie op de The NDSM Nursery Square door Jurgen Bey en Jules van den Langenberg. Kom kijken naar de eerste lay-out van het plein en ontmoet het team van deze nieuwe Amsterdamse openlucht projectruimte.

Ook is er tussen 12:00 en 15:00 een Commute-A-Long reprise door de kunstenaars Ivan Cheng, Halla Einarsdóttir en Smári Runar Róbertsson en de musicalzangeres Esmee Mardjan bij de pontaanlanding.

Saturday 5 October 11:14 || The sound of giggles escapes from a car window

Thursday 10 October 23:31 || THE RECENTLY GRADUATED ARTIST looks over the square and puts on blue boots

Friday 11 October 17:43 || TWO CLEANERS carefully carwash all blue vehicles parked around the square

Saturday 2 November 21:06 || Benches are placed in a row

Sunday 24 November 19:06 || TOURIST (slowly swiping on a phone screen) “Have you seen the work of Sujin Bae?”


Dit project is (mede) mogelijk gemaakt door het AFK.

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