Symbiotic Encounters Festival


Symbiotic Encounters is a 2-day art festival featuring 8 performances conceived by Treehouse’s international artists-in-residence specially for the event, as well as an exhibition and an evening of live music.

Creatives were invited to step out of their individual practices to reflect on the power -and nuances- of collective thought and action. The visitors will choose between 2 journeys, each of them including 4 multi-disciplinary performances. The 1st journey will be composed by a reflexion on interconnectedness, an absurd political speech, a hip-hop ritual to exorcise your demons, and an interactive painting session. The 2nd journey will bring the audience from a ceremony to revere the Earth and a poetry cocoon on pain and feminism, to a slow apocalypse and an immersive story about the creative process of a young musician. Before or after the journey, the audience is invited to visit the exhibition The Power of Collaboration, which includes 9 pieces from local artists.

October 15 & October 16 at 15h & 18h
Tickets: 17,50 EUR

Meer info + tickets

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