Sexyland: Ethanol | c2h5oh

C2H2OH | Ethanol
Enrich your life, broaden your knowledge of chemistry!!
OPEN: 19:30
START: 20:00

Let us show you the miracles of molecular structures, shiny metals, smokey ice, and much more… An evening with lectures and (DIY) experiments!

Make your own 2-second ice-cream (bring your own ingredients like cookies, fruit, candy or whatever you want in your ice-cream!)

Professor Jan van Maarseveen from the University of Amsterdam will tell you everything about the smallest molecules and the importance of alcohol in our life!

Crazy experiments with suicidal gummy bears and how to change your 5 cent coins into gold (don’t forget to start collecting!)

PhD candidate Jorrit Smit will give a talk about ‘How Alcohol Civilized Us. Or not. (A history of chemistry through beer goggles)’


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