PLAY by Daniella Rubinovitz | NDSM-Fuse

Art is often untouchable. But this is a piece you’re asked to move and
make your own. Made of rotatable parts, participants can express their
vision and share it with others on social media. They influence the
meaning of this installation. By interacting they explore the physical
and emotional aspect of PLAY.

“It’s about touching the art and having influence on the image. This
uses your autonomy; you make the decision about what the image will say.
You have permission to express what you see and make it real and then
share it with others.”
AMSTERDAM- Daniella Rubinovitz, artist, created the interactive
sculpture PLAY. The project consists of 5 figures that have moveable
limbs and heads. The concept is that people can physically create new
scenes and share them with others. This is done on their own and/or in
collaboration with others.
The sculpture will be available for 2 months at NDSM Fuse Gallery. 13
February- 5 April. Festive opening is on 20 February.
Play is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)

Official opening: 13-02-20 12:00/18:00
Big opening: 20-02-20 – 17:00/19:00

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