Iris Haverkamp Begemann – photography fundraiser

Iris Haverkamp Begemann investigates social conventions and human behavior in her photographs of outcasts and flamboyant types. Her main themes are equality between people and the bizarre ways humans treat the nature around them. Her camera is a weapon that humorously shows her thoughts about life and all its strange passers. During Down and Out Down Under, Iris sells photos to finance her next project in the Australian Outback.

Pilbara, heavy haulage girls
In the Australian Outback, giant train trucks from 50 to 100 meters transport goods to the farthest corners of the desert. Under bizarre circumstances, the drivers of these trucks spent up to three weeks on the road. The majority of them are male. The few women in this profession do not get the same opportunities as the men. That’s why the female truckers have organized themselves as the Pilbara, heavy haulage girls. By organizing 28 day bootcamps, they try to prepare women for a life on the road.

Iris is fascinated by the fact that these bootcamps exist and frustrated that these women are not treated equally as men. She will join them on their bootcamp and will capture their lives in a new series of photographs. The series will become an ode to those who do everything they can to be accepted and achieve their dream.

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