Circular Aurality / Forming Sound & Space | NDSM-Fuse

An exploration of non-linear musical concepts and the connection between sound, space and time.

Music is the aesthetic perception of sound in time and sound creates, fills and defines space. In the conventional western framework, musical pieces are considered to have a beginning, a development and an end. Vincent Arp sees this as an analogy of the general western conception of human existence and the narratives found in all facets of western culture.

In Circular Aurality Arp spreads the musical elements of the composition sonically around the room, creating multiple possible narratives at once. The musical development is defined by the movement of the listener through the space, while the musical elements and sounds are being created, formed and transformed in real time.

This performance/Installation will premiere on 2nd of April and is dedicated to Vincent Arp’s uncle Klaus, who passed away in 2016. The day of the premiere will be the 70th anniversary of his day of birth. He was a big influence on Vincent’s musical and artistic development and continues to inspire him till today. Recordings he made on Klaus’ instruments will form an integral part of the installation.

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