On Saturday the 19th  Noorderlicht will be a refuge for all party peeps that don’t feel like paying 30 euros or more for a ADE ticket to be in a massive hall with 1000 people, trying to find an elbow-free dance spot to listen to famous international DJs.

Noorderlicht will host two of the most entertaining local DJs and a band from The Hague playing dance music with analogue instruments. All of that for only 5 euros.

So, if you don’t feel like going big on Saturday, but are more in the mood for live music and a small cozy fuss-free party in a great location, come to our ‘little’ ADE. Not too big, not too fussy, lotsa fun. ‘Lekker gezellig’!

With two nice girl-power DJs from our own land and a fresh new live band that gives electronic music a kick in the tail with an impressive setup, we are going to set up a low-key yet high-quality evening. And all for a very small price for ADE.

We start with Esta Polyesta. A DJ who has spent quite some years at Noorderlicht. With bouncing world beats and cheerful eclectic mixes, she starts off with good energy.

The men of Instant Fame follow this up with a fresh new project that narrows the gap between DJ and band. A combination of conventional instruments, synths, loopers, computers and complete improvisation provide an exciting session that flows from one jam to another like a human crossfader moving from plate to plate.

To support this session, Jildert Viet, armed with a computer and a couple of projectors, will bring a live-rendered visual spectacle that will let reality shake things off.

To retain the energy after all these climaxes, Stefnitz takes over the lead and will create a wonderfully cheerful groove session that will keep you dancing until the early hours. With a base of disco and house mixed with ethnic influences, topped with a hint of psychedelic tones, this is a top dessert to end the three-course menu.


Presale: €5,- (excl service fee)
At the door: € 7,50

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