TNW Conference moves to the NDSM


The eleventh edition of technology festival The Next Web will take place next year at the NDSM shipyard.

The conference is the Westerpark ‘outgrown’ after ten years, by now there were problems that could only be solved by creating more space, better routing and larger stadiums.
The shipyard is twice as large, TNW can handle 17,500 visitors in 2019, where it used to be 15,000. The event also won’t be five days as before, but will go back to two next year.

Director of Events by TNX Wytze de Haan says:

“Over the past decade, we’ve been known for pioneering the “unconference model.” After reviewing many new potential venues across Amsterdam, I only found one that can capture our unique vibe and matched the picturesque beauty of Westerpark: the stunning waterfront of NDSM.

With a century’s worth of history, this former shipyard has been a cradle of Dutch innovation for the worldwide shipbuilding industry. I couldn’t think of a more fitting location to host TNW Conference on May 9 & 10, 2019.”

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