These are the two winners of this years Open Call

What would you like to give NDSM users, visitors and passers-by? That was the main question of the fourth open call from Stichting NDSM-werf for artists and creatives active at the former shipyard in Amsterdam-Noord. Lucas Boscardin and Anne Jan Reijn are this year’s winners. Due to the ongoing corona crisis, the foundation decided this year to link a concrete assignment to the call: “visualize a project that shows what you want to give visitors, what you now want to bring them into contact with. What is the need for now “? One of the criteria was that the artwork had to be publicly accessible, meaning on the outside of the yard. The aim is to show the winning projects at the yard next summer.

Jury report

The jury consisted of four independent artists based on the shipyard: Willem Dieleman – winner of the NDSM Open Call 2020 with Museum for Unintended Art -, Mike van Wetten (MACA) and the artists from the NDSM warehouse: Sue Doeksen and Marjanne van Helvert . These artists were excluded from participating in the competition this year. On behalf of the NDSM-werf Foundation, curator Petra Heck and program maker Ewa Scheifes were members of the jury. The jury was unanimously positive about the winning entries:

With ‘Animal Factory‘, toy designer from the NDSM warehouse Luca Boscardin adds a playful element to the urban jungle of NDSM by creating minimalist designed animals. A positive image in this time in which animals are increasingly taking over the city. The multifunctionality of his animal kingdom suits the site use: they can serve as a play object, alternative sports equipment or meeting place. In addition, they are made of steel, the material for which this industrial location is known, but also form a strong contrast with the terrain due to the use of color and simplistic design. mix of fantasy and reality, nature and industry that can appeal to a wide group. Are they perhaps a symbol for a more green, natural site, or for new residents on the site? ”

“‘Asbestos, The Magical Mineral’, a collaboration between artist Anne Jan Reijn and Nieuw Dakota. By placing 3 large air filters in the public space of NDSM, Anne Jan Reijn makes us think in a poetic, artistic way about invisible dangers, such as the air with which we surround ourselves and which we breathe in. How healthy is this air? The simple intervention – filtering a little air in public space – immediately raises a question: is the rest of the air, which is unfiltered, then perhaps not to be trusted? NDSM has a history of large-scale industry in which air pollutants such as asbestos played a role, and is now gradually turning into an urban residential area. This dual nature of the location makes it particularly suitable for this project. “

About Luca Boscardin and Anne Jan Reijn

Illustrator and toy designer Luca Boscardin draws imaginative creatures, imaginary characters and alternative worlds to create toy objects and installations. In addition, he gives workshops to children and students in which he plays with dream images, use of color and contrasts.

The work of artist Anne-Jan Reijn examines the perception of danger and plays with the expectations and comfort of the viewer. Balancing between conceptual art and performative installations, his work puts the public in direct contact with risk. His project Asbestos is part of a larger exhibition in New Dakota that will open its doors next September.

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