Your Museumnight 2022 at NDSM

Finally it’s that time of the year again, after a year of waiting, it will be museumnight again on the NDSM wharf on November 5th, 2022! Now that the days are getting shorter, while it’s time to pull out your favorite winter hat out of your closet and start sipping that first mug of hot coco, slowly, you can feel it bubbling up: the need for a good portion of Vitamin A(rt). Luckily we got you covered! Just like last year, you can enjoy a diverse program at the NDSM wharf during museumnnight 2022. Whether you prefer to get lost on your own within the light- and darkness of the NDSM-wharf, or if you’d rather be guided through this fringe of the city of Amsterdam, on this page you can read all about the participating cultural institutions during your museumnight at NDSM and all the sights to visit so that you can get the most out of your musemnight (the different locations all have their own program throughout the evening, so feel free to map out your own route. Tip: check the program of Museumnacht Amsterdam and use the filter Noord while choosing the city district).

Stichting NDSM-werf presents: NDSM Light

This winter, just like last year, the Sticthing NDSM-werf will host three light works at NDSM for the duration of one month. Artists belit sağ, Cosimo Scotucci and Romain Tardy literally and figuratively shed light on underexposed matters with their luminescent works on the wharf. Cosimo Scotucci creates an installation that provides light in the evening, thus giving the existing greenery in the urban environment of NDSM an extra boost during the dark hours. belit sağ responds with her work to underexposed (or absent) images of Turkish female migrant workers who wokred in and around NDSM and gives them a new voice and a story. Romain Tardy makes the invisible internet search behavior of the Dutch on Google visible and public in the physical public space by placing large LED panels on the Y-slope of NDSM.

Walking route (see map): as soon as you get off the ferry you will immediately see a white, stacked container looming up on which the work of belit is projected. Take your time, pause for a moment, and let the work come to you. As soon as you have taken everything in here, continue straight ahead towards the large square on the NDSM wharf: the Load Out. Here, Cosimo’s nocturnal suns illuminate the half-crane next to the X-ramp. Get lost in this urban industrial dreamscape for a while before turning left and walking towards the NDSM Loods. Before you enter it, turn right and you will be at the head of the Y slope where you will be confronted with your Google search behavior. Can you recognize your question to the internet in this work?

Young Creator Yarwo Gibson

Every year, Stichting NDSM-werf invites a young curator to curate a part of the cultural program at NDSM. Jarwo Gibson is founder of the ABCNDstore in Amsterdam-Noord, a hybrid store and platform for creative talent and inspiration. This evening he will bring artists, designers and makers from the world of visual arts, fashion and design together in a pop-up ABCND store wich includes an installation of videos, pictures and performances. During the intervention Hedwig Vervoort, owner of fashion label SPEEDYHARMONYCOLLECTORTHINGS, will show her film in the public space of NDSM in which the desire for relaxation in nature is a central topic. With her, artist Rik Dijkhuizen once again dives into the world of water with his film Alterity in me, in which he wonders what impact the fear of the other has on the way we live and interact with each other. Hugo Boccara, sound producer, adds an immersive layer to the films, which are shown side by side and in random alternation. Flowing melodies are drowned out by waves of threatening anticipation. There’s also a sizzling performance by Fryzbye, an electronic improv dance duo that mixes genres, bpms and mussels with champagne. The duo themselves describe the experience as a combination of beats, sound machines, jazz, akward moments and small talk loops.

At Jarwo Gibson’s installation you will discover new talent and crossovers during Museum Night, and you will immediately score a work of art, piece of clothing or design object.

Location: the square in between the X-slope and the NDSM wharehouse

Unintended Art Tour by Museum voor Onbedoelde Kunst (MOK)

What exactly is art? If you view a MOK exhibition and walk the tour, you quickly learn that art can be everywhere. Whether it concerns a tree, a concrete streetplate or a steel crane, the works of the MOK are objects that have often been absorbed into the background of the NDSM-wharf for decades. The MOK turns them into art. An old transport container suddenly changes – à la Duchamp – into a true museum object! This time they take you through 3 ‘real’ light artworks and past unexpected, unintended art. Including professional attendants and an exit through the gift shop. NOTE: the tours will be in Dutch.

Tour starting times: 20:00, 21:00, 22:00

Departing location: MOK trailer, next to the half-crane behand the X-slope across from the NDSM wharehouse

Rauwbrouwers Bar

After all that looking around and experiencing for that healthy doses of vitamin A(rt) I hear you thinking: time for a drink. Don’t worry! NDSM even has a brewery on site; Rauw Brouwers. No nonsense, straight to the point. You can see that in their beers: not too much fuss, just good beer and no frills, but still with surprising flavors. Perfect to have a toast with your friends during Museumnight, and then maybe forget the time a bit.

Location: the square in between the X-slope and the NDSM wharehouse

Nieuw Dakota presents: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

One of the museums (with a roof) that opens their doors during Museum Night is Nieuw Dakota, the building with the blue facade immediately right along the harbor when you get off the ferry. But there’s something going on, it’s a crisis at Nieuw Dakota: water is flowing through all the cracks and holes in the ceiling into the building. The rain is collected by several buckets, but the landlord does not want to fix the leak…

In the exhibition Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, five artists have created work around the theme of ‘crisis’. Come by to see how they depict this and enrich yourself with tips so that you can handle all setbacks in life yourself. And if nothing helps, you can always cry very hard… Artist Elia Castino will lead by example: during Museum Night you can experience his special live performance THE ONLY THING THAT JUSTIFIES MY TEARS at Nieuw Dakota. Stop by for a gin and tonic or mulled wine or a glass filled with tears.

Locattion: Nieuw Dakota, 19:00 – 02:00 (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, the street to your right after the ferry landing).

STRAAT museum

If you walk across the NDSM wharf, you have probably already seen her looking at you, the large Anne Frank mural on the facade of STRAAT museum, the second museum with a roof that opens its doors until the late hours during Museumnight at NDSM. Here you can experience Museumnight between the most special street art works, pick up the spray can yourself, see the coolest street artists live in action, and score a snack and a drink. That’s all possible at STRAAT, the museum for street art and graffiti. Street art moved to the interior of a museum? A bit contradictory, some people would say. However, as soon as you step inside, you notice that STRAAT is anything but a normal museum. This unique museum is housed in a former ship shed of 8000 m² on the NDSM wharf, where both the biggest international names and up-and-coming talent are exhibited on collosal canvases.

During Museumnight, various artists will be working live in STRAAT. In addition to live art, there is also a DJ, you can spray graffiti yourself (between 21.00 and 00.00) and of course score a snack and a drink.

Location: STRAAT museum (NDSM-Plein 1), 19.00 – 02.00.

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