What to do in corona-times with… Ewa Scheifes

In these times of #stayhome, we’d like to introduce you to all those people at the yard. We’ve asked them for a portion of Monday Motivation and what’s on their minds now that so many of us are confined to our homes. This week: Ewa Scheifes.

Ewa Scheifes (1987) is our new colleague who started as programmer Art & Culture on April 1st. Previously, Ewa worked for Volkshotel and Pakhuis de Zwijger, among others, as a programme maker.

Hi Ewa! This must be a crazy time to start a new job. How do you do it?

Starting a new job via a Zoom meeting indeed feels a bit abstract, I was looking forward to taking the ferry on my first day at work. Luckily I’m going through all the crazy plans for the coming years, that makes it more concrete, and I met all the team members online.

Yeah, it’s nice that we were at least able to e-meet. Do you have any ideas for the NDSM yet?

Yes, ideas enough! I’m going to try to work them all out, but first let’s get out of this crazy time.

Yes indeed, first things first. How are you getting through the day?

During a week of forced staycation I finally read all the books that had been on my list impatiently for ages, such as De meeste mensen deugen and Trick Mirror. Furthermore; trying out extremely many facetimen, clumsy but cosy facetime drinks and new dishes. And the home work-outs on YouTube that never really convinced me turned out to be better than I thought.

Well that sounds like a staycation well spent. Does that include a soundtrack?

Now that I think about it, there’s always music, haha. In the morning I often get up with Brazilian music like Gilberto Gil. And during the day I work well with old skool jazz playlists – think of Nina Simone and John Coltrane -, African music, from Burna Boy to Tinawiren or soothing piano music like Joep Beving. The latter works especially well for supreme concentration. RadioRadio’s livestream is also top-notch, I heard a very good set by DJ Lefto last week.

Great; a bit of sunshine from your speakers! And also good tunes for the quarantine drinks. Are you also into podcasts?

The last couple of weeks I’ve made countless detours through the neighbourhood to ‘walking myself ‘ (since I don’t have a dog) for a while, so long live the podcast. One of my favorites is De man met de microfoon, a podcast with stories from Amsterdam-East, well made, as if you’re walking through the neighbourhood. I also find Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel, in which you listen in on relationship therapy sessions, touching and sometimes so intimate that it becomes uncomfortable. Then I sometimes skip some pieces, haha. And I often check out conversations about art and design, like Kunst Is Lang and Naakt op een Kleedje about female artists.

Do you have a daily ritual or challenge that our readers can perform at home or at the NDSM?

I let all 30-day yoga challenges etc. pass me by, because I also think it’s okay to have to do a little less every now and then. Such a challenge immediately feels like a must. I do try to make a daily habit of dancing through the living room – turn up the music nice and loud, otherwise it won’t work . It does wonders, I recommend it.

Ok we’re going to try that! What do you think we shouldn’t do?

Just (try to) enjoy the fact that most of us are inside with Netflix and full fridges, looking at other parts of the world that’s a luxury. Furthermore I happen to have a cat on loan from friends in this Corona era and that’s really extremely cozy. Tip of the day for crisis times; a loan cat.

Haha, okay we’ll have to discuss that with the home front. Finally: what are you looking forward to after this period of social distancing (on the NDSM or in general)?

Enjoying golden hour, the hour that colours the sky so nicely, from the yard with a beer and with a lot of friends around me. Owja, and friends and family can just cuddle again, instead of the greeting with the elbow.

That’s recognizable. Tricky, too…

Do you have a daily ritual or challenge that we can perform at home or on the NDSM to stay a bit sane?

Every morning I eat a bowl of fruit with yoghurt hahaha and that’s new for me! Pineapple people! Tasty and very healthy.

And other tips to help flatten the curve?

What people have to leave is panic and paranoia.

Very good point, haha! Finally, what are you looking forward to after this period of social distancing (on the NDSM or in general)?

I’m looking forward to us partying again and above all simply being together. Laughing with each other, eating with each other, playing matches and going to football matches!

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