What to do in corona-times met… Bas Kosters

In these times of #socialdistancing, we’d like to introduce you to all those people at the wharf. We’ve asked them for their Monday motivation and how they’re getting through the corona crisis. This week: Bas Kosters.

Bas Kosters (1977) is an artist and designer known for his colourful and expressive work. In 2003 he obtained his Master’s degree in Fashion Design at the ArtEZ after which he founded the Bas Kosters Studio in 2005. His textile and graphic art shine a light on personal and social themes. With a fascination for cartoon characters, visualizations and eroticism, Bas creates a world that reflects his social involvement.

When the atmosphere is right I sing Dutch songs with my team

Bas, how nice to take a look into your world today. Can you tell me something about your relationship with the NDSM-wharf?

My relationship with the NDSM, apart from being an avid IJ-hallen visitor, is still young and new. I moved to the Kunststad in January, where I’m unpacking and building my studio.

Hopefully all will go well in this turbulent period. Is there any music that can help you through the day?

Sometimes I play nice disco music to put myself in a good mood and other times, when I want a bit of rest, Allison Moyet or Nina Simone. Usually I don’t want to be distracted too much, but when the atmosphere is right I sing Dutch songs with my team members.

Something for every mood! It seems as if people have become more creative after weeks of self-isolation. Where do you get your inspiration from?

It is enjoyable to explore all kinds of initiatives by artists, illustrators, but also fashion people with fun impulses to cheer people up. Think, for example, of Sophie Hardeman, Martyn Overweel or Dadara  who share fun things and ideas online.



And which movie shouldn’t we miss?

I’m super happy that the films of Studio Ghibli are now all on Netflix, they make me feel so good. I was in Japan last year and I’m a total sucker for these films.

So am I! Do you participate in certain challenges that others can perform at home or on the NDSM?

I think this period is challenging enough as it is, so I try to make it as enjoyable as possible for myself. I take care of my plants, burn some incense and place some flowers. I also keep in touch with friends and loved ones and sometimes I send people some post. Just nice things to keep it a little cozy.



Are you working on new projects?

I’m very busy and I’m inventing new ways to get in touch with my audience. We’ve also started sewing mouth masks, which keeps us off the streets.

It sounds like you’re keeping busy and those brightly coloured mouth masks definitely makes one happy. What have you missed the most lately?

I miss my family, but also going to the gym and swimming. What I also miss very much, and I’m afraid that will take a while, are flea markets. I always find a lot of material and inspiration there.

What do you do now that you can’t go to the flea markets?

I’ve become a frequent visitor of several neighborhood bookshelves where people put things to give away for free; a fun activity while cycling around.

Finally, what are your expectations of a post-corona time?

I’m convinced we’re going to find ways out of the crisis and maybe learn something from it. Who knows what the future holds. I think we, in the Netherlands, are still in good shape and we are resilient. That’s proven. Keep your head up!

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