Wich festivals can you expect this year at NDSM?

In addition to works of art and cultural programming, the NDSM wharf is also home to several (large-scale) festivals during the summer period. In this article you can read which events will happen at the wharf in 2023. Are you looking for practical information about events? Check this link for exact festival dates, locations, construction times, and number of visitors.

DGTL – 7, 8, 9 April

This festival season kicked off as usual with DGTL, an EDM festival with both established and starting DJs. DGTL’s tunes have been filling the wharf during the Easter weekend for ten years now and due to the timing early in the year, this festival is affectionately seen by the wharf community as the start of the Dutch festival season.

NDSM Vrijhaven – 27 April

On April 27, the NDSM wharf will turn orange and you can enjoy an old-fashioned cozy King’s Day for young and old. This year you could let your heart up at the largest children’s free market in Amsterdam, the NK Muscial Chairs Disco, the live stage at Pllek and much more. Will we see you again next year at NDSM during King’s Day?

Pleinvrees festival – 27 May

Pleinvrees will return to NDSM on May 27. This festival has also been a regular name in the events calendar of the wharf, with groovy beats, beautiful outfits, and a wonderful atmosphere. Come vibe with us on at the waterside!

Festifest – 10 June

Festifest is a smaller festival that takes place at Café Noorderlicht. During Festifest you can fully enjoy the view over the IJ while you dance to phenomenal music or score a bite with your eyes closed in the sun. Or as the festival describes it themselves: good music, good food, only friends, a tap that never dries up and of course the sun – because it always shines at Noorderlicht! Because Noorderlicht is being renovated this year, the festival site will look slightly different than previous years, but we guarantee that it will still be perfectly danceable!

Tropikali – 11 June

Tropikali is coloring in the NDSM wharf for the fifth time this year. This LGBTIQ+ friendly festival is about being able to express yourself, be it in a beautiful festival outfit, be it in great dance moves, or any other way! This year Tropikali even released a special festival song that you can listen to below, the accompanying artwork is made by an AI!

Over het IJ Festival  – 14 t/m 22 July

Over het IJ is a cultural organization at NDSM that makes adventurous art productions all year round. But the annual hit is in the form of the best theater festival of Amsterdam: Over het IJ Festival. For this year, Over het IJ has decided to focus more than ever on the new generation of makers who relate to the changing city in the familiar context of location theatre. The festival heart is hosted by Café Noorderlicht this year.

Opening Grachtenfestival – 11 August

During the Grachtenfestival young (classical) musicians from all over the world surprise with their own musical story. The entire festival runs from 11 to 20 August throughout the city of Amsterdam, but you can experience the opening at NDSM this year. The festival theme this year is: “The tone changes, the music stays”. More information about this event at NDSM will follow soon!

Circusbende – 31 August until 3 September

With Circusbende you are assured of a spectacular evening full of acrobatics and sensation for young and old. In addition to the circus acts, there is also live music and you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in the festival village. Circusbende festival at NDSM can be visited for free.

Concertgebouw orkest at NDSM – 8 September

For more than 130 years, the Concertgebouw Orchestra with its famous sound has been one of the absolute best in the world and this year their beautiful sound structures descend on the Y-slope of the NDSM wharf for an intimate open-air concert. A sultry summer evening with beautiful sounds that refine the industrial terrain of NDSM. More information will follow soon!

ADE Into The Woods – 20 + 21 October

The classic at NDSM Into The Woods during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will take place again this year. During Into The Woods, NDSM is transformed into a kind of dreamscape where you can get lost between the stages. In addition to established and upcoming DJs, you can also enjoy live music at the live stage. Into The Woods closes the season and is therefore the last large-scale event on the wharf for 2023.


ADE Hangover – 22 October

The ADE Hangover is a gift to Amsterdam. After a whole week of ADE madness, we can well imagine that you need a moment of chill. The ADE Hangover is the best event for this exact purpose: a record market, pleasant music, jacuzzis, everything you need to unwind after a week at ADE if we say so ourselves. the Hangover is free to visit for all Amsterdammers!

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