These are the cultural organisations of NDSM

Welcome! On this page you will find the cultural partners of the NDSM wharf. On July 11th, a new map of the NDSM wharf will be distributed as part of the NDSM Culture Crawl on which the names of all cultural partners and their locations can be found on the wharf. For each partner, a cultural treasure hunt question has been drawn up about the institution in question. With a good answer you can earn and collect some here and there, so don’t wait too long with walking Culture Crawl!


Also called Slope 4, the X-Slope is the oldest slope on NDSM. The ramp was built in 1922 and expanded with workspaces in 1955. The steel ships were assembled on the roof, after which they slid into the IJ. In 1993 (after the bankruptcy of the shipyard in 1983) the X-Helling became an artist’s building through a private initiative. For decades now, the X-Ramp has been self-managed by artisan artists who work with their hands. They are true pioneers in the NDSM field.

On 11 July, Bart&Klaar, Hanneke de Munck from her sculpture studio and Cees Hin, furniture maker and Carpenter, open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the X slope.

Treasure hunt question July 11: why can’t you walk on the X slope, but you can walk on the Y slope?


Beautiful Distress makes mental suffering visible, tangible and thus open to discussion

Beautiful Distress uses art to create more understanding and compassion for people with mental vulnerabilities. Most of them experience exclusion and their problems are surrounded by taboos. This influences their own lives and has an impact on society. Art appeals to our senses and intellect, can make us look at things differently and can make us aware of our own prejudices.

We organize artist residencies in psychiatric hospitals in i.a. New York. Artists live and work on location for three months. They observe the world of psychiatry and create work inspired by their experiences.

We also run Beautiful Distress House: an exhibition and project space next to the NDSM terrain. There we work towards a more inclusive society by organizing art exhibitions, theater performances and other projects, always with artists and all interest groups, and with a special focus on young people.

Treasure hunt question 11 July: what does / is the motto of beautiful distress?


The Art City in the NDSM Loods is a unique community of artists, craftsmen and creative makers. With their self-designed and self-built studios and workshops, they have transformed this monumental former shipbuilding warehouse into a new kind of ‘city’ and a gesamtkunstwerk. Where once mammoth tankers and cruise ships were made, now work painters, draughtsmen, sculptors, architects, inventors, web designers, graphic designers, product designers, furniture makers, photographers, film makers, theater makers, set designers, lighting specialists, musicians, a children’s circus and many more activities and experiments that have no name or discipline.

Art City NDSM is an artists and makers initiative that originated as a self-organization from this community with the aim of bringing the broedplaats, the artists and makers established there and everything they produce to the attention of a wide audience. Art City is committed to watching over and developing the founding ideals of the community and the public function of the space as a hospitable, open and inspiring sanctuary.

Treasure hunt question July 11: artworks can be seen everywhere in the Art City* in the NDSM Loods. They come in all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of locations – high up in the steel beams, on the walls, even in the floor… Find ten of these works and take a picture. (*Note: the works in the exhibitions The Makers Gaze and Wunderkamer do not count!)


MACA is a new creative workspace for filmmakers and audiovisual artists. An inspirational space for the film and AV community to meet, learn and share work and knowledge.

The MACA warehouse, situated at the NDSM Wharf by the IJ river in Amsterdam Noord, is currently under construction. In October 2021, we will open our doors to the public. Our warehouse will be available for renting work- and event spaces and we will host public and community-based workshops, film nights, and exhibitions.


Experiencing and viewing art and culture increases the ability to empathize with other cultures and people. NDSM FUSE offers this experience by bringing different disciplines together. NDSM FUSE combines exhibitions by NDSM artists with theater performances, events and installations by other artists. With a diverse program NDSM FUSE invites the visitor to dive into the world of the fine arts.

Treasure hunt question 11 July: what is the name of the interactive installation in NDSM Fuse, which is based on a children’s game that was elevated to an art form by the surrealists in the last century?


Stichting NDSM-herleeft was founded by former employees of the former NDSM shipyard. The aim of the foundation is to collect, conserve, document, manage and (re)visit the history of the shipyard. Their small museum on the wharf, called De Blauwdruk (The Blueprint), brings together a modest collection of relics and artifacts from NDSM’s ancient shipbuilding past. From De Blauwdruk it is also possible to take a tour of the eastern part of the NDSM site. In this, Ruud, who worked at the NDSM wharf in the 1960s, takes you on a tour of the wharf and tells the stories of important eye-cathers on the wharf (think of Crane 13, the Loods and the ramps).

Treasure hunt question 11 July: What was the name of the frigate that was built by the NDSM for the Royal Netherlands Navy at the time and a model of which is available in De Blauwdruk?


GWA Graphic Workshop Amsterdam invites you: Step away from the computer! As a foundation, GWA maintains graphic heritage by giving courses in various traditional printing techniques such as typesetting, bookbinding, linocut and more. We work with schools, students, artists and amateurs. On Saturday 11 July we will open the big blue doors of NDSM PRINT and you can print a postcard yourself with one of the ‘vintage’ images that we have acquired. Or maybe we’ll print t-shirts – just what we feel like. Welcome to GWA | NDSM PRINT!

Treasure hunt question 11 July: Find out which classic film has two different posters printed in the workshop.


Over het IJ Festival is Amsterdam’s adventurous location theater festival. With more than 40 performances, of which 18 premieres, the 2021 festival edition will be a place to celebrate the renewed (physical) togetherness with makers and the public. New and established makers will present their work from 9 to 18 July at high-profile indoor and outdoor locations, this year in and around a wide-ranging festive festival heart on the NDSM wharf and in Amsterdam North. Open from 13.00 – 00.00), observing a safe distance of 1.5 m.

The festival is full of new projects that transcend all disciplines. The city is the source of inspiration and the stage for this. The developments in the past year gave makers extra urgency to reflect on our society and the painful and vulnerable places within it. The need for change and to act on it is what many creators share in this edition.

Treasure hunt question 11 July: what is the name of the location of the festival heart of Over het IJ Festival?


Curiosity, hospitality and conversation. Housed on the former NDSM wharf, Nieuw Dakota offers translocal programming and a welcoming space to the public, partners and artists. What binds them is the curiosity for a different perspective and an open mind.

Rooted in Noord and with a view on the world, Nieuw Dakota offers beauty and friction, poetry and stories. Together with artists, the public and thinkers, Nieuw Dakota investigates the translocal as the reflection of the global in the local and vice versa. In this way, New Dakota offers a counterbalance to the uniformity and uniformity resulting from globalization.
Even more than the physical place, New Dakota consists of the connections that arise from there, between artists, visitors, neighbors and the wider world. More than a place, New Dakota is a state of mind.

Treasure hunt question July 11: unfortunately New Dakota is closed on July 11 due to a  private event


Project Space On The Inside is pleased to announce Fragments of Sphere, an interdisciplinary exhibition featuring monumental artworks by eight international artists. The exhibition aims to showcase new media in its myriad forms—from video projection to sculpture to large-scale installation. It features artworks that explore notions of fragmentation both visually and conceptually and includes works in which the four classical elements play a fundamental role. Water, earth, air, and fire were once believed to make up the entire universe—fragments of a sphere. 

Today, the implications of these elements are much different. When placed in the context of our changing world, they adopt a new meaning. Fragments of Sphere invites audiences to explore new approaches to contemporary art within the context of our digitized and changing society. Fragments of Sphere will be on view until August 1st 2021.

Treasure hunt question July 11: What ‘falls on the inside’ when looking at the On the Inside project space?


Stichting NDSM-werf programs and manages the 10-hectare outdoor area that used to be the largest shipyard in Europe. We host festivals, King’s Day and the IJ halls, but we also create vegetable gardens for the neighbourhood, a basketball court and developed art and culture projects.

For example, we had the container arch painted and there are two sound walks on the site: one by MOK, the Museum of Unintentional Art that makes you wonder about tiles, cranes and trees, and a Science Fiction story by Sissel Marie Tonn that is about tiny plastic particles and other water contaminants that enter our bodies.

In addition, the NDSM-werf Foundation currently presents projects under the title ‘(Un)monumenting’ in which reactions to the discussion about monuments; what can or should a monument be today, and who is (in)visible? On the NDSM Billboards you will find ‘Ademhaling van de Stad‘ by Frerara and wandering the yard you will find the work ‘Not Forever‘ by Rosa Sijben. We also present the new work of Anne Jan Reijn who, with his work ‘Public Air Filters‘, asks how clean the air we breathe actually is.

Treasure Hunt July 11: Unfortunately, the office of Stichitng NDSM-werf will be closed on July 11 due to a closed-demand event


Enter STRAAT: the museum for street art and graffiti. We aim to share our passion for this radical art movement with the public, showcasing some of the biggest names and upcoming talent from all over the world. STRAAT is a street art and graffiti museum for everyone, made possible by a dedicated team of enthusiasts.

Our current exhibition displays more than 150 artworks by 130+ artists. The artworks were created on-site and most of these mind blowing visual experiences are as big as outdoor walls. As a museum, we provide the added value of context and information. Here’s your chance to get to know the stories that remain untold in the streets!

STRAAT resides in a 8000 m2 former warehouse on the NDSM wharf, both a national monument and the biggest outdoor playground for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam. We offer a total museal experience, as well as educational opportunities and guided tours to answer all your street art questions. Visiting our museum is guaranteed to make you look at your surroundings with a refreshed pair of eyes.

Treasure hunt question 11 July: Which Amsterdam icon is depicted on the facade of STRAAT?


Treehouse NDSM is a place where art is being produced and showed to a general audience.The Treehouse lets 100 studios to professional painters, writers, musicians, theatre performers, (fashion-) designers, graphic designers, video artists, sculptors, etc. Around the central square you can find several exposition and performance spaces where the work of the 150 to 200 artists and other creatives that work in the Treehouse is regularly shown.

You don’t need to be a Treehouse resident to organise an exposition or performance. Anyone with a great idea is welcome. The Treehouse is also available for workshops, festivals or any other (cultural) activity. It’s a place for innovation and experiment: ‘a playground for serious artists’. The Treehouse is open every day and free to walk in.

Treasure hunt question July 11: unfortunitaly, there is no scavenger hunt question at Treehouse NDSM

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