Movie | Long live the NDSM – Ship of Fools

These are portraits of special people from the NDSM community. These are the people you encounter on the pont and bike bridge or as you walk over the terrain. Their work, their ingenuity, their lifestyle and their personality make up the imagination of this place. In these short films they tell their story.

August | Ship of Fools
With his theater group Ship of Fools, August has been traveling all over the world for over 12 years. With their blue ship De Azart they sack old colonial trade routes, with the intention of “giving instead of stealing.” Where the company meets, they bring theater performances inspired by Hieronymus Bosch and the Praise of Soul. From 2015 to July 2017, they anchored to the quayside of the NDSM, where they found peace to set their course for a new world trip. Meet August and his Ship of Fools.


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