Series | Flashback Friday – Inside Blauwdruk

In the new item Flashback Friday, we shine a light on the not-so-distant shipbuilding past of the NDSM yard 🔦. Cargo ships and tankers were built on NDSM between 1894 and 1979. In 1950 it was even the largest shipyard in Europe! Reason enough to dive into history and look for stories from the past 🛳️.

We do this together with Ruud from the NDSM Herleeft Foundation. Ruud has worked at the NDSM shipyard since 1962 and knows everything about how things used to be on the shipyard. In this episode, Teus visits De Blauwdruk during the cold winter months. (or well, temperature wise it might as well have been mid-May 😉). This is the museum of the NDSM-Herleeft Foundation where all kinds of artefacts from the old shipyard can be seen.

Stay Tuned, part two of this series is coming your way soon!

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