Un(der)exposed stories from the past become visible at NDSM | A conversation with belit sağ

In this episode of NDSM X, visual artist and teacher belit sağ (1980, Turkey, she/they) joins us to discuss her new work at NDSM ‘An-sisters [NDSM]’.

With ‘An-sisters [NDSM]’ sağ highlights hidden stories and struggles of female Turkish textile workers in the former NDSM shipyard and beyond. To do this, they interviewed various women and delved into various archives to shed light on these often invisible individuals throughout the generations. All these stories come together in a videographic installation at NDSM that will be on display at the wharf for a month starting from November 5th (Museumnight). What do the stories of these women tell us about the history of NDSM and of the Netherlands? And how do they flow together in a work of art that literally and figuratively shines light on previously invisible subjects? Hear all about it in the new episode of NDSM X!

This is the last episode of NDSM X season 3. But don’t worry, in the coming months we’ll be back with an NDSM X winter special! Keep an eye on our channels for more info.

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