NDSM X (Un)monumenting met Hira Nabi

Listen now to the NDSM X (Un)monumenting special with Hira Nabi.

If you send things far away, where do you imagine they actually go? They become out of sight, but they don’t actually disappear

Pakistani artist and filmmaker Hira Nabi opens up in this episode of NDSM X about her film All That Perishes At The Edge Of Land, which is showcased during the exhibition (Un)monumenting: The Future Should Always Be Better at NDSM.

In this film, the viewer witnesses how large cargo ships, once they are decommissioned, are sailed onto the beach in Gadani, Balochistan, Pakistan, where they are dismantled by workers in dire conditions. The materials extracted in this process are resold or recycled. What does this labor say about the consumer society in which we live? What happens to ‘things’ when we discard them? Listen now to this special episode of NDSM X!

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