NDSM X S4E4: Join the Dazzle Trip with Yamuna Forzani

Designer and queer activist Yamuna Forzani joins NDSM X. In this episode she tells us all about her work ‘Dazzle Trip’ on the NDSM wharf, her inspirations, and the place of queer people in the current cultural climate.

‘Dazzle Trip’  consists of several artistic expressions on the NDSM wharf: three visuals on the NDSM Billboards, a video work in a sea container, ‘A Big Heart’ inflatable, and a bedazzled ferry that sails between Amsterdam Central station and the NDSM wharf. We asked Yamuna about her thoughts behind these works, but also about her work as a queer activist. Yamuna organizes ballrooms where fashion, celebration and identity come together. What is the current situation regarding queer representation in public space? Listen to it now in the new episode of NDSM X!

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