Nagenieten: NDSM Museumnacht 2022

If you’ve visited the NDSM wharf in the evenings on November 5, you know which sizzling moments we’re talking about! But in case you missed us (by accident) (or on purpose) during the cultural nightbreak, we have listed the most beautiful snapshots of Museumnight 2022 at NDSM for you here. Enjoy it with us to the fullest and we hope to see you next year! By the way, the three light artworks we launched that night are still visibile on the wharf until December 4th, be sure not to miss them!

It started with the ferry landing, where after a ride on the Amsterdam Ferry Festival ferry your eyes, as a visitor, were immediately captivated by An-sisters [NDSM] from belit sag. Hidden stories from the past become visible here on the wharf and thus the tone of Museumnight was set.

Then you visit New Dakota where, in addition to a workshop ‘how to cry’, you learned everything about (mis)managing life crises. Including performance by Elia Castino who peeled red onions for three hours, during which he shed many  a tear.

You walked further into the night, where STARS by Cosimo Scotucci beamed at you like a beacon of light between the otherwise dark concrete and steel of the NDSM-wharf. For a moment you imagine yourself in a dream landscape and you forget the fresh, cold wind that blows over Amsterdam Noord, slowly rising over the Stelcon plates.

Then, the sound of the performances at Jarwo Gibson’s ABCNDstore drew you closer to the slopes of NDSM. Once you have arrived, with a beer from Rauw Brouwers in your hand, you walk over the exhibition where film, music and visual art fly around every corner. Inspired, you step into the pop-up ABCNDstore where you browse through the designer pieces and manage to score your favorite new acquisition.

And just when you thought you’ve taken it all in, you become aware of another sound. A sound you can’t quite place. Slowly you follow the tones that become words as you get closer to Romain Tardy’s ‘The Great Indecision Council’. What seems arbitrary, turns out to be intended online searches by the people of Amsterdam that flow along your eyes on neon panels. Pasta recipes, football lineups, and today’s economic status.

While you are staring at the white letters, a museum security guard passes by and tell you to step aside, after which a group led by the director of the museum for unintended art walks to the next (un)intended work of art. You decide to join them and hear all about how the intended and unintended works of art on NDSM have their own story, sometimes even different from what the artist was telling you 10 minutes ago.

After you have handed in your earphones from the tour, your feet loosen up on the dance floor for another hour during the DJ set of Fryzbye, while the night grows ever darker around you. When the music has gone out, you continue to STRAAT museum, where you end the evening scale dup and only leave the building after you have graffitied your own name on the wall while enjoying a cocktail.

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