Your Museumnight 2023 at NDSM

Get ready, because this year, there’s another amazing cultural program waiting for you at NDSM during Museumnight on November 4th. If this sounds a bit overwhelming to you, fear not! We’ve listed all the highlights for you here so you don’t have to plan, schedule or timetable anything.


On Museum Night, the Amsterdam Ferry Festival, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, presents how the changing city is a subject that fascinates artists. Six contemporary photographers (Sem Langendijk, Hans Boddeke, Simone Peerdeman, Anna Swagerman, Hanane El Ouardani, Sanja Marusic) who capture today’s Amsterdam with their cameras, have been invited to create new work. The ferry between CS and the NDSM site will become their ‘canvas’ from November 4 during Museum Night. For this presentation they are not only inspired by the fringes along the IJ, but also by the paintings that Van Gogh and contemporaries made of the transitional areas around Paris.

In addition to viewing these images, you can also listen to a spoken-word performance at the point between NDSM and CS by Luna Wicks between 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Under the musical guidance of musician Froodough (Daniel Lee), this duo takes you into a story about the changing city.


During Museumnight, Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord present two site-sensitive works, only visible and audible on this evening. Boris Acket creates a grand passage that plays with the notion of boundaries, an installation of light and sound that connects the outdoor area with the interior space of the NDSM Loods (NDSM Warehouse). The soundscape’s echo system is fueled by field recordings made in the weeks leading up to the event in the vicinity of NDSM. We spoke with Boris about his work at NDSM during Museumnight, and you can find the entire interview in our online magazine.

With specially composed music for NDSM, Off-Track adds an extra layer to the environment, the water, and the monumental buildings, allowing you, as a visitor, to experience NDSM in a different way.

Credits: anna bogmolova, blitzkickers

Location: Docklands (square between NDSM Loods and STRAAT museum)


At Nieuw Dakota, you can immerse yourself in love and what love means. The artist duo Tengbeh Kamara & Sophie Engels take you on a loving journey in the exhibition “Yes, I Do,” where you can also have yourself and your loved one (whether it’s your partner, family member, or pet) captured. The polaroid photo, taken by the artists, you can take with you as a memento of your special bond. During the evening, artist Marieke van Rooy, also one of the participating artists in the “Yes, I Do” exhibition, will be present to perform an ongoing performance. Additionally, Nieuw Dakota is also organizing a silent disco where you can dance the night away with your loved one.

Location: Nieuw Dakota


At Contrast, you celebrate the wonders of water. Immerse yourself in conceptual cocktails and delightful snacks while listening to live DJs. Descend into an exhibition that explores the intricate dance of Symbiosis in a project by Italian photographer Giacomo d’Orlando. Discover how more than 3 billion people rely on marine ecosystems for their livelihoods and contemplate the delicate balance disrupted by climate change and overfishing. An evening filled with music, art, and awareness.

Location: Contrast


STRAAT, the largest street art museum in Europe, also opens its doors during Museumnight. In addition to wandering among the impressive murals, you can also witness multiple artists working live on this evening. If you prefer to wield the spray can yourself, you can contribute to a collective artwork and let your creativity run wild.

Location: STRAAT museum

So much to do at NDSM during Museum Night! If you want to learn more about the programs at other museums on this special evening, there’s also a special “Route Noord” created so you can see all the gems of Amsterdam Noord during Museum Night. Click on the button below for more information.


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