Article: Every day another party in Sexyland


It is perhaps the most varied clubhouse in Amsterdam, Sociëteit Sexyland at the NDSM-werf. Every day, yhe club has another owner.

Thus Wednesday’s Henk Kortekaas was the boss. Henk has hired Sexyland and thought about what he would do right now and that was not easy. Henk has in any case chosen for a lot of variation. “At first I settled down. Then I thought, oh no people pay money. I was in a panic And then I thought, what else did I do in my life? Well, I’ve been tennis teacher, and dj. ” Poems were suggested, Henk gave his guests tennis lessons.

One of the charmers of Sexyland is Aukje Dekker. “Every day is in enormous contrast, for example, Henk Kortekaas of the neighborhood campsite, which is something completely different from anyone at the Amsterdam Dance Event, who wants to make a ball box here. Every owner is completely free to do whatever he wants. It’s very volatile, but that’s what you want. It’s only a year’s project and it’s done. “

(Source: At5)

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