Article + Movie | History of the NDSM-site

The history of the NDSM site goes back to 1894. In that year, the Dutch Shipbuilding Society was founded on Oostenburg, Amsterdam-East. In the same location where VOC ships were built several centuries ago. With the creation of this site, the shipbuilding industry’s demise had to be restarted by building modern iron-powered vessels with mechanical drive. The company was successful and grew hard.

Due to lack of expansion, NSM had to look for a different location. In 1915, it was found across the IJ: in Amsterdam North. In 1920 the Dutch Dok Society also found its spot on the IJ bank on the adjacent site. After the 2nd WO, the companies decided to merge. In 1946 the Dutch Dok en Scheepsbouw Society developed the NDSM. At that time there was a great need for replacement of older ships and transport to and from Dutch-India. In addition, the economy grew, which also greatly increased the transport of goods and passengers.

The NDSM was seen worldwide as a highly successful and progressive company in the shipping world. The NDSM was one of the largest and most modern shipbuilding yards in the world. A company that has invented many innovations, which are still being used in shipbuilding and ship repair. But in the 1970s, the NDSM was in trouble due to the oil crisis, political games, competition: in 1984 she closed her doors.

If you want to further explore the NDSM’s history, you can contact the NDSM-Reload Foundation which aims to Collecting, preserving, documenting, managing, and (displaying) the history of NDM, NSM and NDSM.


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