Stichting NDSM-werf presenteert: Dazzle Trip van Yamuna Forzani

This summer, yamuna forzani creates a dazzle trip with her colourful patterns. Visible at the ferry to NDSM and the NDSM-wharf from the 22nd of June until the 20th of August

The NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam North, programming and managing the former shipyard, presents ‘Dazzle Trip’ this summer. A journey through the experiences of artist, designer and queer activist Yamuna Forzani, created in collaboration with the Amsterdam Ferry Festival. Her visuals can be seen on a GVB ferry sailing between Central Station and NDSM, and at NDSM.

Forzani is creating a series of new images that celebrate gender diversity in public space as well as giving an insight into her universe. Dazzle Trip consists of artworks to be seen on three NDSM Billboards, on the outside of an entire GVB ferry, and an existing video work. The Dazzle Ferry was inspired by the Dazzle Ships used mainly in World War I. The intention was not to camouflage the ship, but to use abstract patterns in contrasting colours that made it more difficult for the enemy to estimate the speed, distance and direction of the target. Also, the term Dazzle refers to the dazzling patterns Yamuna always employs in her work, also visible in the video work she showcases at NDSM that consists of a collage of different ballroom performances presenting dazzling outfits Forzani has created. Inspired by defiant prints and graffiti influences, she creates contemporary collages and graphic patterns with tags for NDSM. Those who zoom in see references to pop culture (symbols and emojis), but also an activist attitude, think of statements like ‘trans rights are human rights’, a statement that to her is all about pride. With Dazzle Trip, Forzani aims to raise awareness and celebrate the multiplicity of roles and identities that everyone embodies within social structures.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I am inspired by many things, the power of color, community, and the transformative potential of knitting are my main driving forces. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I see my entire art practice as a love letter to my community and to anyone who can resonate with these utopian ideologies. – Yamuna Forzani

With an eclectic mix of fashion, photography, performance, installation and design, she explores identity, the body and femininity, intertwined with a psychedelic inspired visual language. She gained notoriety for organising balls such as her annual Utopia Ball x Fashion Show, which combines a catwalk show with ballroom culture and performance. In 2022 she won the Dutch Design Awards for the art direction and her vision. Forzani shares stories about diversity, acceptance and the normalisation of all bodies. Especially in the public space and on the ferry, characteristic of NDSM and visible from the entire IJ, this becomes visible to many people.

Forzani also organises events where people who are excluded in many other places can feel at home and share their artistic talent. On 22 June, ‘Dazzle Trip’ opens with a programme curated by Forzani, highlighting emerging performers at a summertime block party. Are you joining our party? Let us know via the button below.

Yamuna Forzani

The NDSM-werf foundation aspires to a culturally raw city square for NDSM with a character that is as public as possible, in which, in addition to creative experimentation, polyphony is central. Every year the foundation develops and presents site-specific installations and statements by and with artists, designers and architects. With its cultural programming, the foundation asks what public space means, who and what is seen and discussed in the public space, and how it can remain a public and cultural space that is not exclusive and that is embraced by everyone.

At various times during the year, under the name ‘Amsterdam Ferry Festival’, the ferries of Amsterdam are taken over by visual art, stories, photography and performance art.
The foundation organizes several events per year, focusing on art and culture in the public space, presented on the ferries of the city of Amsterdam. More information

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