Special pont to NDSM site during festivals

Starting today, during big events there will be a extra pont to the NDSM. This ferry should primarily ensure that non-festival goers are less affected by the crowds.

Together with various festival organizers, the municipality and the GVB, the extra pont was brought to life. Festival Pitch had the lead today. “I’m very happy with that,” says Demian de Rooij of Stichting NDSM-werf.

People who wanted to go to work or home often suffered from the crowd who came to the festivals. But also the festival goers themselves had to wait for a long time. “It took a really long time and on besides it was very crowded and super cold,” said one of them. ‘It was not fun.’

The ‘feestpont’ can therefore count on enthusiastic responses to Pitch visitors. “I think it’s a good plan.” Another: “It’s very convenient.”

The pont is intended for festivals that attract more than ten thousand visitors. If everything goes well, the ferry will also go during Encore, Voltt and Valtifest.

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