BMB ontwikkeling B.V.

BMB ontwikkeling B.V.
Rijksweg 100
1906 BK Limmen
+31 (0) 72 502 40 80

About us
BMB ontwikkeling is a passionate, risk-taking real estate developer from Noord-Holland. We create places where people can be proud to live, work and stay. This requires more than just a building. The focus on user experience and environment is very important. BMB ontwikkeling delivers unique, quality projects through the ideal combination of programming, architecture and expertise. We do this thoroughly, attentively and in our very own unique way. Our mission, vision and core values lie at the foundation of everything we do. BMB ontwikkeling is active since 1991 as a developer of inner-city real estate. The company is located in Limmen and develops projects primarily in the greater Amsterdam region.

For information about living (rental and purchase) at NDSM, contact the NDSM living team.

Do you have the ambition to set up a business at NDSM? Are you looking for a hospitality, retail, commercial or other business space? Contact us to learn about the opportunities.

For questions concerning the NDSM wharf development or specific building/plots. BMB ontwikkeling is the assigned developer for the NDSM wharf on behalf of Amsterdam Waterfront B.V. and Mediawharf B.V.

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