The NDSM-werf is regularly rented out for festivals and other (cultural) activities. In addition, the NDSM-werf is a highly sought-after location for photo shoots and video recording. Detailed information on the rental options can be found under the Venture button on this site.

For questions on renting the outdoor area for photo or film shoots or events, please e-mail to:

If you like to organize something indoor, inside the warehouse (NDSM Loods), contact:


Guided tours

Stichting NDSM organises tours of the site in cooperation with various other parties. At present, the following tours are available:

  • Historical tour NDSM Herleeft (‘NDSM Reborn’)
  • General tour of the NDSM-werf and its development

For further information on tours, contact Josan van der Storm at or by phone on +31(0)20 4931070

Studios and artistic spaces
For questions about renting studio space in NDSM Treehouse.
For questions about renting studio space in the NDSM-Loods.
For questions about renting studio space in the Y-Helling.
For questions about renting commercial spaces.


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