Open call for art for new festival ‘No Art’

We are delighted to announce the open call for the first edition of the art program for the Synergy foundation and No Art Festival, which will take place on 29th and 30th July at the NDSM-werf.

We are mostly looking for Amsterdam based artists who create cross-media and interdisciplinary artistic pieces which could take the form as performance or as installations during the event. The location of the exhibition will take place outside at the Loadout of the NDSM werf, close to the water of the IJ and next to the former slipway of the shipyard. For this open call the organization is interested in pieces that incorporate the theme synergy and work with one (or more) of the following themes.

  1. Performances or installations that work with the concept of synergy.
  2. Interactive performance or works that create a synergy between visitor and / or the art piece.
  3. Site-specific performance or works that connect with the space of the NDSM-werf


Synergy is the birth and creation of a new narrative of No Art. It is an exploration of finding connections and creating new stories with each other. The art of the exhibition challenges us to connect all together. It creates connections between music and contemporary art, and it combines art with the surroundings of the NDSM werf. Combining these elements, magnifies a greater shared immersive experience. This magnification of experiences is the core subject of the exhibition Synergy. ‘The word synergy comes from the Greek sun “together” and ergon “work” When one thing magnifies the effect of another, together they have synergy”

No Art believes that art, music and unique locations bring people together. We throw parties that are a true revelation in the life where everyone is always ‘ON’. We give a little piece of freedom back to our visitors. Be your self, with each other in the moment.

For any questions, inquiries or requests about this open call, please contact us through [email protected]The deadline is May 9.

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