Great news! This year NDSM OPEN is jointly organized by Art City NDSM, Stichting Kinetisch Noord and Stichting NDSM-werf.

Five years ago, the organizers of the young event NDSM OPEN wrote that the name was chosen deliberately: “OPEN stands for an open spirit, for freedom and hospitality, for open doors and an open mind. We dream of the day that the entire NDSM will open up in creative collaboration.”

This autumn we want to make that dream come true; Saturday, September 28th, the entire NDSM shipyard (east) will OPEN. Behind the scenes, the organizations are joining forces to work together to present the NDSM as the hospitable and inspiring sanctuary that we NDSM’ers know so well.

The heart of the program remains the opening up of doors that are normally closed, but NDSM OPEN is not a traditional open studio route – the NDSM is too large, too diverse and too unusual for that. NDSM OPEN invites visitors to experience the great variety and power of the artists and makers, and the many arts disciplines, artisan practices and creative enterprises at the former shipyard. NDSM OPEN shows the potential of art here at the wharf and makes an effort to preserve this dynamic area as a sanctuary for the city.

All artists, artisans and creative makers with a workplace at the wharf, and all presentation spaces and other organizations and institutions with a cultural-artistic programming at the NDSM wharf east are invited to participate and be part of the NDSM OPEN program.

If you have an idea or would like more information, please contact us soon as we have to apply for permits from the municipality in May and want to include as many proposals as possible. Please contact: Sarah Payton (Art City NDSM) via [email protected], Kim Ragetli (Stichting Kinetisch Noord) via [email protected] or Petra Heck (Stichting NDSM-werf) via [email protected].

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