NDSM Open call 2023


The widely known NDSM Open Call is back again this year! Artists, creatives and organizations with a workplace at the NDSM wharf are invited to submit a proposal for a new, accessible art project on the wharf, indoors or outdoors.


With the NDSM Open Call, Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord (NDSM Warehouse) focus on initiatives that arise from the so-called ‘breeding ground’ of NDSM. We call on designers, theater makers, visual artists, craftsmen, inventors, musicians and other creatives from the wharf community to submit a proposal for art projects and cultural initiatives they want to realize on the NDSM terrain.

The assignment is: submit an idea for an art project (an installation, performance or intervention, anything is allowed) in the public space at NDSM. What would you like to make or show? The project may be located anywhere on the wharf, in the outside public space of NDSM or inside the warehouse. Elements and objects on the site may also be used. The final location of the work will be chosen in coordination with Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord and may depend on the overall planning. 

Submitting your proposal 

Submit your first project idea before Friday 24 February 09.00 via [email protected]. A proposal consists of the following parts, combined in one PDF file of max 4x A4:

  • What: a short project description of the project
  • Why: a short motivation
  • How: budget + coverage
  • Extra: CV and any images of (past) projects (may also be a link to website / instagram)

Questions? Be sure to drop by during the walk-in consultation hours on January 9th and Febuary 6th. We like to think along and help you. If you have any questions, please contact Ewa Scheifes: [email protected]. The images below show a selection of the winning entries from recent years.

Practical information 

Stichting NDSM-werf and Stichting Kinetisch Noord are making €20,000 available for this Open Call, whereby a maximum of 20% of the budget may be reserved for a private fee. No distinction is made between art form, medium, discipline, specialism, or material.

The submissions of the NDSM Open Call will be assessed by a program council jury, consisting of various representatives from incubators on the wharf and external experts: Louis Pirenne – projectleader art and culture Amsterdam-Noord, Tanja Karreman – former director of Nieuw Dakota – Stadscuratorium, Petra Heck – Stichting NDSM-werf, Ewa Scheifes – Stichting NDSM-werf, Mariska Middendorff – Kinetisch Noord. From all entries, the eventual winner will be chosen by the jury. The winner will be announced in March 2023.

The conditions are that the project takes place in 2023, in the spring or summer, and is realized at NDSM – meaning there is a presentation obligation. And also that the work is publicly visible or can be experienced by (a small-scale) audience. Finally, the co-financing of the project, if any, must be fully covered at the time of submission.

There are a number of things to take into account.

  • Attachments to or on buildings are complicated as they are monuments
  • Anchoring to the ground is possible with a stelcon plate, but it is not possible to dig into the ground due to contaminated soil
  • It must be (relatively) vandal-proof, also pay attention to the risk of possible graffiti, and that the artwork does not cause any (noise) nuisance
  • We will have to apply for a permit for objects outside on the wharf, for which technical drawings etc. will be required
  • The costs for production / installation and removal must also be included in the budget
  • The production of the work lies with the artist, we maintain an advising role regarding placement and realization
  • In addition to the monetary amount of 20.000, we provide support for the application for the permit (also financially), organize a presentation moment (also financially) and provide / finance photo documentation of the project


The NDSM wharf is a place for art, culture and creative ingenuity. This is not least due to the very diverse and active community of approximately 400 artists who have their studio in the NDSM Warehouse, under one of the ramps, at Treehouse or elsewhere on the wharf. For them, the NDSM is often more than just a workplace. The charismatic, extensive grounds are also a source of inspiration for new art projects. Artistic initiatives that arise from this have an eye for urban undercurrents that often escape the occasional visitor, and for that reason they are often of great value to the identity of the area.

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