NDSM Energy and Eneco join forces for a green future

NDSM Energie, an entrepreneurial collective of more than 60 companies, and Eneco recognize a key role for local initiatives in the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply in the Netherlands. The parties therefore set up a project agency to realize local energy solutions, in collaboration with local businesses.

In practice, this initially leads to various collaborations with companies on the NDSM site, such as the installation of solar panels and the use of electric transport and storage batteries. In addition, it is investigated to what extent energy storage and mutual exchange of energy contribute to accelerating local energy transition.

Ecosystem for renewable energy

Martijn Pater, chairman of NDSM Energy, said in the press release: “Smart collaborations and pioneers are crucial for a successful energy transition. This is also the basis for our cooperative. By pioneering and innovating, we want to create a new local ecosystem for renewable energy generation, supply and consumption with Eneco at the NDSM-Werf. An ecosystem that can be used as scalable blueprint for other business areas and communities. Together with the NDSM-Werf, we will create the business area of ​​the future and we can be an example for the rest of the Netherlands. ”

Jeroen de Haas, chairman of Eneco, is excited about cooperation: “Eneco has explicitly chosen sustainability and focuses on decentralized energy supply, in close cooperation with customers and partners. The Netherlands already has more than three hundred local and regional energy initiatives, Including a number of pioneers, such as NDSM Energie, who take charge of energy supply. By working in partnership with them, we support companies and residents in their own energy transition. “

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