NDSM (End of) Summer School

From October 2 to 7, 2017 Stichting NDSM-werf – in collaboration with Michiel van Iersel and Afaina de Jong – organized the NDSM (End of) Summer School. During this workshop a team of architecture history students from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) and DesignLAB students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie collectively analyzed what is the value of the NDSM and how it can develop within the expanding city. Following a pressure-cooker method participants moved from introduction to analysis and from research to the development of creative output all within the limited time of one week.

Within the limited time of 6-days the NDSM Summer School culminated in a public exhibition conjoining five different collaborative projects by participants. Here follows a visual report from the NDSM Summer School 2017.

NDSM Ballet

Marja Heirr / Alain Chaney / Aimée Albers / Floris Weekhout / Peter Verhoeven
Constructive dystopia as the way forward. A sci-fi tale of the city that follows the gentrification-cycle and investigates different notions of emptiness. Read the complete story here.

Working Box 60
Jonas Hejduk / Sien van Look / Esben Larsen / Patrycja Beliniak / Stijn Lebouille
How much space do You need to be creative? Is it about the working space or working will? Don’t get used to the setting too much, otherwise you might become resistant towards the surrounding. This portable work cabin aims to bring back awareness of how little you need to create a lot.

Conversation Starter
Julia Geven / Lieke Droomers
A gamechanger for all the people involved with the NDSM. Get into another role and answer critical questions about the wharf. Let’s Play, Let’s Dance!

Messy Opinion
Tjacco Bakker / Nicel Rotta / Daphne Bouwman / Victor van Maldegem / Eline Smit / Caitlin Rosbach / Merel Spruit
Who decides how the space of the NDSM should be used? Use your voice to co-creating a democratic mess! Because everyone’s opinion should be heard.

NDSM Conspiracy
Puck van Donselaar / Pauline Rip / Marie-Louise Schmidlin / Anita Neuteboom
The NDSM through the eyes of an outsider. A thrilling interpretation of the story of the NDSM on the basis of scraps and fragments of information overheard and uncovered.

NDSM Summer School 2017 is organised by Michiel van Iersel (curator Non-fiction), Afaina de Jong (architect Afarai) and Rieke Vos (curator Stichting NDSM-werf)

Contributing lectors: Tijs van den Boomen (journalist Het Parool), Aukje Dekker (artist, Eddie
the Eagle Museum and Sociëteit Sexyland), Pietro Galgani & Michel Scholte (consultants True Price), Jerzy Gawronski (professor maritime and urban archeology UvA), Eva de Klerk (urban initiator and 1st generation NDSM-loods) and Bart Stuart (artist Buro Spelen)

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