Landed Rock | Clinton Kabena


On the three NDSM Billboards you can see visuals made by artist Clinton Kabena. Additionally, his installation Landed Rock is visible on the Load Out of NDSM. On this page you will find more information about the artist and his work.


In his practice, Clinton Kabena uses vehicles as a central theme, the literal and figurative vehicles that transport these stories. They are the conduit that connects driver, passenger, and the route, symbolizing the connections between mobility and the human desire for change.

Through this artwork, I challenge the viewer to consider the fantastical nature of borders, constructed as they are from the collective imagination of societies. The juxtaposition of the grandeur of these monumental structures against the fragile threads of unity they seek to preserve invites introspection. This piece transcends the political, delving into the psychological realms where nations are woven from dreams and aspirations.

De installatie is onderdeel van Refresh Amsterdam #2: War & Conflict. Het tweede deel van deze installatie (een andere auto) is te zien in het Amsterdam Museum. Dit werk is ook het eerste onderdeel van de tentoonstelling (Un)monumenting die vanaf 17 december te zien is op de NDSM-Werf en in de NDSM Loods.

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