De Stelling (2014) | Buro Spelen (Klaar van der Lippe en Bart Stuart) Archived

13 nov 2014 t/m 31 jan 2015

De Stelling is a serie of exhibitions about the identity and image of the NDSM site and how it has changed over the years. Van der Lippe and Stuart settled on the site twenty years ago. Their artistic practice has become closely linked to the place, the people who visit the wharf and the urban, political and social developments that are taking place. The three exhibitions of De Stelling – Sense of Place, Sense of Identity and Sense of Heritage – show developments on the site, reflecting on the balance between the image and identity of the NDSM, together with members of the site community. The exhibitions also give rise to dialogue between different parties. How is the relationship between the artists and the business community meeting each other on the site and how can these parties, these worlds, strengthen each other?

“De Stelling is an art and knowledge project in public space, about making and implementing plans. The proposition provides an associative but also a practical information framework to understand the space and the planning process. We call it a 3D essay because both text and image as objects, conversations and concepts play a role in the exploration and deepening of a subject. “(Buro Spelen)

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