Smederij (forgery)

At the heart of NDSM lies the Smederij (forge). It played an important role in the production process at the time. This is where ship components were forged and assembled into large semi-finished or finished products. After its redevelopment, the industrial Smederij was given a third life. This warehouse first stood at ADM, but was taken apart and relocated to NDSM where it was more needed. The exterior was maintained and restored by BMB ontwikkeling (Mediawharf B.V.) in accordance with the guidelines of monument preservation. The newly restored Smederij, with a floor space of 4,500 m², was completed in 2015. The main building of the Smederij was also restored and is now an inspiring work space and place to meet at the heart of this creative, monumental part of NDSM. Operating her now are Greenpeace Nederland, Pernod Ricard Nederland, Emolife Campaigning Group and Hotel Brooklyn B.V. (offices), as well as the restaurant Brooklyn.

Pitched-roof warehouses
The third life of the Smederij began with the realization of 4 pitched-roof warehouses, where Red Bull Nederland and Fronteer now have their headquarters. The warehouses have been fully restored in authentic style. The original roof rafters and doors were reused in the workspaces. Also the rough brickwork, the concrete floors and the metal construction helped to preserve the monumental character of these warehouses.

Part of the redevelopment plans of the former Smederij was this striking tower for approximately 80 hotel rooms. The remarkable tower of Hotel Double Tree by Hilton NDSM is a nine-floor glass building. The highest floor was designed to match the adjacent pitched-roof warehouses and it nicely complements the monumental character of the Smederij and the NDSM Wharf.

NDSM-Plein 32
1033 WB Amsterdam

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