Sexyland Sociëteit Archived

Sociëteit SEXYLAND is a new and temporary club on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam North. For 365 days it will have a different owner, every day. The owner of the day decides what kind of club they like to have, varying from art exhibitions to sport events, from gangster rap to dinners in stroboscopic light. SEXYLAND is a tabula rasa that can be written in any way possible. We aim to highlight every unknown corner of Amsterdam, to broadcast what a huge diversity this city has to offer. Every day is a new day at SEXYLAND. Feel welcome.

We are not a dogmatic institute, in the sense that we won’t bring you a complete 365 package to absorb. We believe in the magic that can happen when meeting someone in SEXYLAND by accident, and then coming up with a brilliant idea. There will always be space to realize those gems.

Area: 250m²

Max capacity: 200 visitors

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39
1033 RC Amsterdam
[email protected]

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