Number One

Number One serves as the headquarters for a variety of companies, such as HEMA en De Persgroep Employment Solutions, and is situated between the Kraanspoor and Helling V. The robust, massive and rugged look of Number One fits well with the architecture and sleek lines of the Kraanspoor across from it and the industrial character of NDSM.

The building has seven floors, three floors for indoor parking and, on the ground floor, a diversity of creative offices and a HEMA store.

The Number One building is made up of two sections, separated by a unique roof garden at six meters, and connected at the two upper floors. With the use of typical materials and the industrial design, Number One is a true NDSM building. Recognizable and still “One-of-a-kind”. The building is in use since 2010 and has a surface area of 45,000 m².

Number One
NDSM-Straat 12
1033 SB Amsterdam

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