NDSM Treehouse


NDSM Treehouse is set up to provide the best opportunities to create and expose. The individual studios are not huge, so they are affordable to (almost) any wallet. Sanitary facilities are centralized and shared. To make it possible to work bigger and/or to work together with more people, Treehouse features a larger working or project space (10mx10m).
Central to the Treehouse concept is that every resident aims to presents its work or process (and themselves!) publically. We see a big advantage of doing so together with others, but that is entirely up to you. Treehouse aims to facilitate whatever form or way of presenting you can think of.Standard facilities are the exhibiton and performance hall (15m x 15m), the four smaller showcases that are 24/7 accessible for public, and the main square. Alternatively, all of the Treehouse is available for presentations depending on your ideas (and safety rules of course). Treehouse also takes care of promoting you and your presentation.

Meeting up among residents or just hanging out is possible at the cantina and on the main terrace. Garbage disposal, maintenance, cleaning, technical assistance are all organized centrally. However, we aim to have as many work as possible be executed by residents to make working in the Treehouse as affordable as possible. All communal work will be accounted for. All these facilities are included in the rent. Not included are variable costs that depend on your personal consumption, e.g. electricity.

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