NDSM Theatre

The NDSM Theatre (previously called The International Theatre Workplace (ITW)) is part of the eastern part of the NDSMloods. This location measures 400 m2 and has a raw industrial character. At a height of 4 metres you find an entresol with a view of Amsterdam’s skyline. The NDSM Theatre is perfect for theatre shows, smaller concerts (up to 500 people), parties, presentations and other events. There is a moveable bar, two small dressing rooms, a shower, and toilet facilities for men and women. There is no central heating in The NDSM Theatre. The space is intentionally left bare so you can create your own atmosphere. A vertical ALP lift is available for rent to install light and sound systems. Electricity: 1 x 63 AMP, 3 x 32AMP and 16 x 220 Volt.

Stichting Kinetisch Noord
Scheepsbouwkade 6
1033 WC Amsterdam-Noord
+31 (0) 681686312
[email protected]

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