NDSM Theater

The NDSM Theater is located in the southeast corner of the NDSM Warehouse, on the NDSM-wharf. The NDSM Theater is an energetic, raw and industrial location in the heart of the wharf. The hall of the theater has a floor space of 200m2 and is therefore the ideal place for theater performances, presentations, workshops, parties and other gatherings. The theater is equipped with a professional light and sound system and the room can be completely darkened. Fancy a snack during the show? The NDSM Café sits next to the theater and provides events with snacks, drinks, or whole dinners.

Practical information

Want to organize an event or host a show? For questions, more information or reservations, please email: [email protected] or call: +31 (0)6 81 68 63 12. Or check out all the possibilities on the website of NDSM Productions via the button below.

NDSM Productions

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