NDSM Light: STARS | Cosimo Scotucci


STARS is an installation by Cosimo Scotucci that aims to boost and reinvigorate part of the urban landscape of NDSM. A composition of luminescent globes is suspended from the base of a crane formally used on the ship wharf and the trees surrounding it. The globes light up naturally at night, giving extra life to the surrounding landscape. From red to blue tones, the globes mimic the solar radiation spectrum, used by plants to grow and relax—A useful and important process, as light is required for their metabolic processes. During the day STARS absorbs the radiation coming from the Sun, giving it back during the night and by doing so, transforming the landscape in a dreamscape, imitating a shimmering night sky.

Location: tha half-crane next to the X-slope across from the NDSM wharehouse

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