Nautical NDSM

The NDSM Wharf would not be what it is today without the water surrounding it. Even though ships are no longer built, the water now serves new functions. With the Amsterdam Marina, the museum ships and the offices of HISWA, among others, there is a range of nautical activities here.

Nautical NDSM will be added to the mix. Directly at the water’s edge with the best possible view over the IJ and the lively marina. A varied plan is being drawn up by BMB ontwikkeling (Amsterdam Waterfront B.V.) to include a diversity of residences, a hotel, different restaurants and spectacular office space. With this new development, the waterfront at NDSM will take on an impressive new look, one of a new city district with respect for the history of the wharf.

The look and feel of Nautical NDSM will be industrial, with reference to the monumental NDSM warehouses. A charming and rugged plan, with inviting hotels, restaurants and initiatives, in direct connection with the boardwalk that will be built here.

This project will be under development until approx. 2018.



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