Highrise Camping: Nature City (2023) | Willem de Haan Archived


As a cultural season opener, the NDSM-Werf Foundation presents an installation by artist Willem de Haan at NDSM: a vertical campsite dies in the fight for scarce space.

His work was previously shown on the international art route IJsselbi├źnnale, where it was a response to the pressure on the landscape for agricultural production and recreation. At NDSM, Nature City takes on a different meaning. In a broken, dense city like Amsterdam and in a rapidly developing district like Amsterdam Noord, the pressure on public space is great. Space: physical and mental, is important for the quality of life in a city, but places for greenery, relaxation and recreation are scarce. With the work Nature City, De Haan playfully addresses a serious urban issue by depicting a possible but also alienating future scenario.


Multidisciplinary artist Willem de Haan (1996, NL) socially challenges conditioned and political rules of everyday locations in his work. In a convincing, humorous, and alienating way, the artist adds artificial elements to existing situations. His evocative sculptural interventions refer to the use of props and sets in the film and theater world.

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