Longing To Cross The Horizons (2022) | Hilda Moucharrafieh | We Sell Reality | Sehaq | and friends


8 OCTOBER 2022 – OCTOBER 2023

“Washing up on the European coastlines, are the bodies of those who fled from wars, economic and ecological crises, which cannot be seen independently from the political history and the neocolonial legacies of the North-South power dynamic.” – Hilda Moucharrafieh

About the installation

At the NDSM’s Y-slope, multimedia artist Hilda Moucharrafieh pays a tribute to refugees who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. This floor mural, designed together with Haitham Haddad, and the artist collective We Sell Reality, features an excerpt from a letter which was found in the pocket of a migrant who drowned in 2015. This letter, which he wrote in anticipation of his death, is a gratitude to the sea for receiving his body without proof of visa or passport.

In Longing to cross the horizons his words now wash up on the Y-helling where many companies have built ships, launching them into the waters. This shipping history is intertwined with the (neo-)colonial economy that is inseparable from exploitation, oppression and slavery. To this day, the seas continue to bear witness to the tragic consequences of these past and current practices, washing ashore their effects back to European coasts and cities.

Gatherings, activities, and public events will be organized as part of Longing to cross the horizons throughout 2022 – 2023 by We Sell Reality, Sehaq, and their supportive friends.


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